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The Arizona Vortex is ideal for a wide range of applications, from access and egress to confined spaces, to the negotiation of complex edges in wilderness environments. The Vortex is the multipod of choice for professionals within the rescue, industrial rope access, construction, military, and entertainment rigging industries.
How to Use The Arizona Vortex Guidebook
What is included in The Vortex Guidebook?
  • Design Principles
  • Vortex Assembly and Hardware
  • Basic Configurations
  • ​Direction and Magnitude of the Forces Acting on the Frame
  • ​Inspection
  • ​Warnings

The Vortex multipod is more than a typical tripod, in part due to the enhanced flexibility of the two-piece headset. The A-Frame Head has been designed to give the most optimal angle between the legs, while the Gin Pole Head can hinge to allow precise positioning of the third leg. The multipod can be assembled into a three-leg frame using both heads or they can be used individually to create an A-Frame or a Gin Pole.

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